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Grey Round Patterns

My creative process usually starts with simple lines made by pen or pencil. Images and ideas come to life when there is contrast and that is why every creation is born as a black on white drawing.

Every concept that is turned into piece is something I live through in my daily life. Instead of keeping a diary I have a drawing journal. These books have now become one of my most prized possessions, documenting my life as it moves forward from one stage to another.


Established in Malta, I specialise in mixed media paintings on canvas, mostly large vibrant abstracts with powerful textures, creating unique combination artworks.


My work includes both acrylics and oils characterised by the juxtaposition of surfaces and lines, colours and non-colours as well as dynamics and statics.

I developed my skills by continuously experimenting with new techniques. Self-taught with over 10 years experience, I enjoy dissecting things within my work as I want people to stop and look a little bit harder.


The viewer finds an entry point into the paintings as they expose a vague idea of objectivity. One feels reminded of something without being able to name it, offering a sort of bridge into the picture. Once this is experienced, one is surrounded by complete abstraction where personal consideration and interpretation reign.

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